Questions and Answers...


Q. Why have I been contacted?

A. We have discovered that an estate or unclaimed asset that is being held with some or all of the proper owners unknown. Marion Wilcox Corporation's research into the family history of the estate has identified you as a possible heir.

Q. How did Marion Wilcox Corp. discover this account?

A. Unclaimed property accounts are referred to us through Probate Court judges, state attorney generals, bank administrators, lawyers, and our International network of associates/researchers.

Q. How much will all of this cost?

A. If you have received from us a percentage agreement: until you receive assets from the unclaimed property account, you will owe nothing. When the assets are received, the Marion Wilcox Corporation will then receive their percentage that was agreed between us.

Q. What about taxes?

A. The court normally deducts inheritance taxes before distributing the estate. So you may have no initial tax liability on the assets you inherit.

Q. How long will this procedure take after all documentation is submitted?

A. It all depends on the legal status of your account. Be assured that we will monitor the process and expedite your claim as quickly as possible.

Q. What happens if I do nothing?

A. If you do nothing, the unclaimed property account may be turned over to the state or to the heirs who are known to the court.

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